Port Security Management System

  1. Gated Facility with Perimeter Fencing
  2. 24/7 security guards manning 2 checkpoints. Personnel/equipment entering/exiting restricted a rea has to go through 2 checkpoints, besides clearing the Industrial Estate’s checkpoint, which the port is located within.
  3. Lighting for all key areas
  4. 24/7 CCTV Security Surveillance
  5. Alarm System to deter intruders/activate Security Response Team
  6. Regular patrols by security guards especially key areas of interest within the port
  7. Regular patrol of the port waters by port personnel
  8. Port vicinity is also patrolled by the Indonesian Navy


Contact Us

Head Office
Jl. Hang Kesturi I Kav.C4 Industrial Estate Kabil
Batam Island 29467 - Kepulauan Riau. Indonesia

Phone : +62 778 711 009 || ext : 101 (Port Information)

Fax : +62-778-711350

Email :
enquiry[at]scnport.com (Port Information)
agents[at]scnport.com (Shipping Agency Services)


Citranusa Kabil Port is located in Kabil Industrial Estate Batam Indonesia. Kabil Industrial Estate (KIE) is a 600 Ha Industrial Zone, located on the east coast of Batam Island and adjacent to Hang Nadim International Airport.


Seamless connection form Changi Airport. A 45 minute ferry ride from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal in Singapore to Nongsapura Ferry Terminal in Batam. Citranusa Kabil Port is only 10 km from Nongsapura Ferry Terminal.

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